Is Cold Outreach a Thing of the Past?

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In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, lead generation strategies are constantly evolving. A prime example of this is cold outreach. Once a reliable way to reach new prospects, cold outreach alone is no longer an effective tool when up against more complex digital marketing strategies.

What is cold outreach?

Cold outreach is a form of lead generation which involves targeting users who have little or no knowledge of your company or product. It can be a great way to start those initial conversions with potential customers, as it allows businesses to reach segments of their audience that they haven’t tapped yet tapped into.

However, due to the lack of brand awareness, conversion rates for cold outreach are usually extremely low.

How relevant is cold outreach today?

Although cold outreach on its own is a fantastic way to build new relationships and secure initial leads, in today’s climate, it is no longer enough.

Expecting a lead to convert into a sale straight away is a limiting strategy. In a world of modern technology, multiple touchpoints are required. It’s about keeping those leads warm at every stage of the conversion process. 

Remarketing should be a fundamental part of any outreach strategy. The benefits far outweigh the investment as not only does it increase leads but also ROI as the end conversion rate should be far greater. 

4 ways to level up your remarketing strategy

  1. Segment, segment, and segment some more. The more personalized your content is to the user the better. 
  2. Be a thought leader. Prove your expertise in your industry by writing whitepapers and guides that are based on user pain points. Great content helps you build trust in a “noisy” online world.
  3. Use marketing automation tools to create a seamless user journey across multiple channels.
  4. TRACK EVERYTHING to help determine the best moment to contact each lead individually to take them to the next stage of the conversion process.


Cold outreach can be a great first touchpoint for potential new customers, but producing a high ROI from your cold outreach requires multiple touchpoints utilising multiple platforms and strategies.

What remarketing efforts do you have in place to support your outreach activity?


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