New LinkedIn Feature: LinkedIn Stories

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With the consumption of stories growing 15x faster than feed content, it’s no wonder that LinkedIn has become the latest social media platform to add stories to their mobile app.

LinkedIn describes Stories as “an easy, lightweight way for members and organisations to share everyday professional moments with their community”. In digital marketing terms, this means that brands have a great new tool to strengthen their brand identity and drive engagement.

Why use LinkedIn Stories?

As of January 2020, over a third of member posts on LinkedIn were related to ‘info and ideas’.

More than ever, users are coming to LinkedIn to consume content, rather than to look for jobs and opportunities. Stories are therefore the perfect place to get the attention of professionals – whether this is through organic posts or paid ads.

Moreover, stories offer a more interactive experience which is perfect for driving engagement and conversions. Stories emerge from the top of the feed into a full-screen display, which offers a more captivating and immersive experience than static feed posts.

What does LinkedIn Stories mean for us and our clients?

LinkedIn Ads are already an integral part of our paid social work. Whilst stories currently only support organic posts, LinkedIn has confirmed that Stories Ads are coming soon, which will allow us to expand our paid social strategies.

What’s more, the “swipe-up” link feature on stories lends itself very well to driving and tracking conversions. This fits perfectly with our commitment to tracking every stage of the conversion process, to optimise our campaigns for profit.

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