New LinkedIn Feature: LinkedIn AutoFill

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LinkedIn have added a great new AutoFill feature, which can be used on landing pages to increase the volume and quality of conversions. Since we’re all about understanding and analysing the conversion journey here at MountDigital, this is pretty exciting for us!

So what is LinkedIn AutoFill – and why are we excited about it?

LinkedIn AutoFill allows website visitors who have come from a LinkedIn ad to pre-populate a lead generation form with information from their LinkedIn profiles. Whereas before, visitors would have to manually fill out information such as email address and company name, LinkedIn pulls this information straight from their profile.

This is great news for two reasons.

Firstly, when lead generation forms are filled out automatically, it is guaranteed that all fields will be filled in, with no room for errors such as spelling mistakes. This is fantastic for improving lead data quality.

Secondly, AutoFill saves valuable time, meaning users are much more likely to convert. This is fantastic for increasing lead volume, particularly for time-poor audiences.

How does LinkedIn AutoFill work?

AutoFill works by adding a unique code to the landing page of a website. Although this can only be generated by LinkedIn partner accounts, MountDigital clients have early access to this function.

You can see an example of AutoFill in action here.

With so much potential to increase conversion rates and lower cost per lead, LinkedIn Autofill fits perfectly with our dedication to building campaigns which deliver real ROI.

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